Rummage Stories

Thoughts on Rummage Sale – Kay Riegler

 I was raised by two very creative parents who always impressed on me that there were lots of uses for anything.  Many of the games we would play at home were all about creative problem solving.  So seeing all of the wonderful items folks bring to the sale triggers that curiosity in me.

What draws me to Rummage Sale?  The excitement and energy which surfaces everywhere.

It is a time when our members clean out their closets, garages, and basements to get a fresh start.  How delightful that feels.  It’s a time when our old or no-longer-loved pieces become wonderful treasures for others. 

An old dresser finds a new home, and with a coat of paint, pleases a little girl who never had anything special in her room.  A yard cart finds a new home and supports a community garden in the city.  An aluminum ladder goes to someone who couldn’t lift their old wooden one anymore.

An unusual bowl or figurine which was tucked away in the back of a shelf is now the prized focal point in someone else’s décor.  A shirt which mysteriously shrank in someone’s closet can now have a new life being worn by someone it really fits.

People find things they couldn’t otherwise afford; they see unusual items which can be creatively repurposed; workers find new friends; organizers and coordinators get to use their leadership abilities; people laugh together and are fed by talented volunteers.  And NSUC collects thousands of dollars to go to so many deserving charities.

I personally love to organize and coordinate activities,  to work with new people at NSUC,  to see a shopper’s eyes light up when they find just the right item and, of course,  to find something special for my own home…….all the while knowing the proceeds are so well used.  To me, Rummage Sale is the ultimate cleaning-out, friendship building, socially supportive, recycling event there is.



Time well spent for Paul Connors.

 This is my first year participating in Rummage Sale––I’m writing copy and ads publicizing the sale––and it’s been a two-fold treat. It feels good, of course, contributing to an event that will yield some great bargains to those who need them. Plus, the sale’s proceeds are distributed to a variety of non-profits and charities in the area.

 The second treat, though, has been the weekly planning and preparation meetings. Yes, there’s a bit of work and time commitment––a lot of effort by a lot of folks goes into this––but the fun and laughter we have each week is a blast! Every week I drive home thinking ‘that was time well spent’. I’m really looking forward to Sale Day!